Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Guinness Chocolate Pretzel Truffles

This Friday is my family's biggest holiday - St. Patrick's Day!

And with that, we always party hard and make yummy yummy food.

As I started to make my favorite recipe, I realized I hadn't blogged about it before.

So of course I had to fix that, asap!

So here we go!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Bow for Clara

I like bowties, bowties are cool! - 11th Doctor

My cousins recently had little girl they named Clara. And whether or not they meant the Dr. Who tie, they'll be amused with my take on a baby blanket with some subtle references in it.

My very first attempt at real quilting was the baby blanket I made for their first child.
(Fun fact: After reading Little House on the Prairie when Laura made a nine patch quilt, my 9 year old self decided to make one out of scraps of cloth I had from projects mom had sewn. It was 9 squares and full of pieces of cloth for stuffing and just big enough to fit my baby doll, but I had sewn it all by hand and had never been prouder!)

Since I had made a baby blanket for their first born, I felt it necessary to make one for the second.

So here it is!

Mini Meat Pies

Sunday is meal prep day!

I try to be healthy, and I try to pay attention to what I eat.

But, I refuse to jump on certain band wagons and give up certain things.

I like carbs. I love red meat. I enjoy salt. And cheese is my favorite food ever.

That in mind, sometimes I the 21 Day Fix (the lack of cheese is always a killer for me - even more than the sweets).

Right now, though, I'm not on that plan. Two weeks ago I was at a conference for work (and we know that means eating out every meal!) and last week I was playing catch up and we had open house, and ... I ate out every meal.

So. Back to routine!

My normal routine for breakfast and lunch is pretty easy to stick to.
I eat toast and coffee for breakfast (I've tried, but I am just not able to give up my toast or creamer).
I've been pretty good lately on having my Shakeo for lunch with a snack. I just started Graze, too, so now my snacks are "healthier". (I put healthier in quotations because I didn't bother to compare stats, but the idea is that they are healthy snacks. Tbh, I just care if they are yummy and convenient, and so far they are! If you'd like to try it out, click here to get your first and fifth box free!)

It's dinner that's hard for me.

I went through 2-3 years of eating frozen meals (like lean cuisine) every night. Now I can stomach them maybe once or twice a year. I also used to eat a ton of frozen taquitos and microwaved quesadillas. I have a hard time cooking for one, and don't particularly love leftovers. My favorite meals from childhood involve me eating them for a week and a half straight. I tried Plated and enjoyed them but none of the meals were "omg, I can't wait to have ____ for dinner!", I still had the leftover problem, and many of the meals weren't functional for leftovers.

I don't like cold things for dinner, either, especially winter.

So I browse through my Pinterest boards and my cookbooks and find random things to try.

This week I decided to try Mini Meat Pies!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sunday, February 12, 2017

OLW: February

If you didn't see my first post on this blog, I'm doing Ali Edward's One Little Word this year.

My word is Listen.

I'm going to share my experiences with the process on here every month (to the best of my ability, without making it a how-to for her class, because that would be rude!).